5 reasons for bloggers to use Instagram Stories ( over Snapchat)

instagram stories vs. snapchat



When Instagram introduced their new feature Stories last week, bloggers were clearly confused and wondered if and how they shoud be adding it to their ever-growing list of Promotion Tactics. Even worse- should they be using Instagram Stories or Snapchat? Or maybe both?


The best reason to use Instagram Stories 


Compared to Snapchat, where you have to request access to someone's story by adding him/her as a friend, Instagram has an open search option.

This is a major advantage! If you put your creativity to use, you will be able to attract new Instagram followers, hence potentially more people will be able to discover your profile and subscribe to your Blog. 



Why use Instagram stories?


1. If you are someone that likes overposting ( more than 5 times a day) this feature is for you! Your story does not show up in your feed so you don't need to worry about that. 


2. You can separate your spondored posts from your regular Instagram posts by using Stories to spead the message, instead of spamming your followers with ads directly in their feed.


3.  Get your followers to know you better! It's one thing when your followers like your perfectly styled, editorial-worthy Instagram shots, but if you offer them a glimpse of the "real" you, they might even love you more for it!


4. You get more people to view your story, compared to Snapchat. A lot of bloggers complained that growing their Snapcha audience has been slow and using too many apps stressed them out! After using Instagram Stories however, many of them reported up to 10x more views than Snapchat. 


5. In addition, you can not only see who viewed your story, but also click on their profile picture and check out their profiles! More insights give you room for improvement of your posting stategy. You just don't have that on Snapchat.


What is your experience with Instagram's new feature? Tell us how and why you are using it in the comments below!


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