Featured Blogger: Melissa of Stylista Fitness



Today we have Melissa who is going to tell us more about her blog Stylista Fitness.


When did you start you blog and what inspired you to do it?

I started the blog in October 2013. My best friend and I had been sitting on the idea of starting a blog for about a year. One day we called each other and we said "LET'S DO IT". It was difficult since she lived in LA and I lived in Phoenix. I was the "stylista" and she was the nutrition expert (she's a registered dietician). We established a great blog together, however, her work life got busy and it was a little too much to handle. I took over on my own and ran with it! Our inspiration was ourselves. We wanted a blog that provided style and fitness advice. There weren't any out there so we found ourselves a niche!


How did you come up with your blog’s name?

I had a previous blog called "Styleezta". I changed the spelling back to Stylista and added on Fitness.


Share with us one or more of your favorite posts on your blog!

One of my favorite styled posts is the Dreamsicle post.  I wore a coral flowy maxi and we shot at the Saguaro Hotel in Scottsdale. The shoot was beautiful and dreamy. I loved it!


My favorite fitness post is the TKO Jump Rope review. I was able to incorporate my fitness style with the product and I loved what I created.



What is your top advice for other fellow bloggers out there?

JUST DO IT! I sat on my idea for a year and wish I didn't. The hardest part is starting and the fear of failing. Make the blog an expression of you and people will embrace it!


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